COVID-19 Italy Updates

Following the new restrictions adopted by the Italian government, we wish to inform  you that the operations related to the incoming and outgoing shipments from Italy are interested by a general slow down due to the increase of controls and safety measures.

Combi Line is constantly monitoring the situation and its evolution and here are the emerging news that we wish to bring to your attention:

AIR import/export: The operations at Milano and Roma airports are heavily affected by the cancellation of several flights by the national and international airlines. Our airfreight team is daily checking about the space availability and the subsequent freight tariffs, even from and to other European hubs, and trying to cover the needs by all possible options. It is not possible, however, to guarantee ordinary transit-times and costs which will be verified on a case-by-case basis. For additional information please feel free to contact our airfreight team at .

SEA import/export: To this date there are no slow-downs to be advised or variations in the operations at the Italian ports. We are however informed of some difficulties in recruiting truck drivers to carry out transports of containers in the Italian territory, what could generate delays in the pick up’s and deliveries. We invite all of you to anticipate your bookings as much as possible.

LAND: Notwithstanding the full operativity we are experiencing some slow-downs due to the implemented controls at the borders with Austria, Slovenia and to the difficulty in recruiting trailers and drivers.